When you have logged onto your dashboard using the username and password that you have been issued with, this is the first screen you will see.

Welcome to your dashboard2

You will use this dashboard to log all of the stamp codes that you will collect at learning activities.

  1. Now is the time to add your first stamp code by clicking onto the 'Add a new stamp' button.

  2. Enter the code Green 9663

  3. You will receive your first learning credit for taking the time to log on and learn how to use your dashboard

Add a mew stamp

You do not need to enter all of the activities you have recorded already in your Passport to Learning, unless you want to of course.

  1. You can add up the hours you have achieved and let your school coordinator know. 

  2. They will add these as one total to get you started.

  3. Those hours will not be matched to your skills and categories.  

  4. The skills and categories will appear when you start to add individual stamp codes to your dashboard.

Each time you complete a Children's University Learning Activity you will collect a stamp code.

In School:

  • Your after school club leader will be able to tell you the stamp code for the activity you have done and you can write this in your Passport to Learning.

Outside of School: 

  • If you are visiting a Learning Destination you will be able to collect a stamp code when you leave.  

  • If you take part in a regular club/activity your activity leader will be able to tell you the stamp code for the activity you have done.

If you don't receive a code:

  • Don't worry!  You can click "Don't have a stamp" and enter the details. This will let your CU Manager know that you need a stamp code and they can add the stamp code to the Dashboard, as long as it is an agreed Children's University Learning Activity.


You will notice that this will then appear on the list of your "Recent stamps"  

If you click on the "View All" button, it will give you the opportunity to reflect on your learning experiences. 

We would encourage you to do this.

Your Recent Stamps2

As you add your stamp codes you will be able to see your progress.  

Great work Youve done 39 hours so far

On your dashboard you will be able to:

  1. See your top categories for learning.

  2. Collect badges.

  3. Keep track of all your skills.


Your top categories

The journey begins badge

Your top skills2

You can also search for Learning Destinations and their Activities through your dashboard too.

You can search by the closet town or the County.

 Find an activity near you
Find a new activity2

If you have any questions, you can contact us through the "Ask a question" button 

Ask a question